Poor baby.

So baby puked up his dinner last night and he seemed to have a terrible tummy ache. He cried super hard before each time he threw up and had these moments in between where he went completely silent and just snuggled up to me. This has never happened before and it’s the first time he’s been sick since he was born. It was difficult knowing how to handle it in my head after it was over. Seeing that for the first time was so sad  But I guess it could have happened many months ago so in that way he’s lucky.

He’s fine today. He slept good last night and has breastfed just fine. I gave him a banana for breakfast. It’s lunchtime soon and I’m not sure what he should eat. I’m nervous. I think I’ll go for mainly cold things today. And definitely not anything with pasta in it. That went horribly wrong last night. Poor baby :/ It’s a year of firsts, including experiencing the sad things.



Not the Right Time.

So we tried solids (mashed sweet potato) for the first time on Friday and he refused it. He made a face that said “yuck, what the hell are you giving me?” We tried again on Saturday and Sunday but he still didn’t want anything to do with it. It’s alright. All I wanted to do was try and see if he was interested, he’s 5 months old now. And whenever he sees us eat he stares at us with curiosity. I assume he’s too young for now so I’ll wait a while before I try again. My milk supply is plenty and he’s never hungry so there isn’t a huge rush, really.

On another note, we came home from visiting my family on Thursday last week and I’m already homesick. We had an amazing time there and I’m so glad that my husband wants to move there in the future. Even though it might be a difficult thing to get together we will do everything we can to make it happen, with help from my family. They want us to live closer to them more than anything, of course ❤

When we were visiting them we had such good dinners every single day and it gave us a lot of food inspiration. I think I lost some weight while we were there, my husband did for sure. My mom makes this amazing broccoli salad. Raw broccoli, red onion, bacon and sour cream, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper mixed together. Ugh, it’s SO good and I’m making it today. It goes great next to any meat, really. Bla blaaaa, anyway.

I hope everyone’s summer is going by slowly and happily. It’s 25C here today and it’s a little too hot to get much done. I did the dishes (oh how I long for a dishwasher!) and I’m about to put on some laundry. Then I’ll cook and wait for hubby to come home. His leg is healed from the infection and he even climbed a huge mountain on his own when we were in Norway. I’m proud. Ok, bye!

4 Months Old.

Tomorrow my baby turns four months and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. After putting him to bed last night my husband and I looked through the photos from the first days of his life and it’s incredible how small he looked then even though he was a fairly big baby (4,2 KG) compared to now. He hasn’t been weighed in a while but at his last weigh he was 8 KG. And he’s 70 cm long.

Everyone who sees him for the first time now are very surprised when we tell them he’s the age he is, he he. Apparently he looks at least 6 months to other people. He’s going to be a big guy which is very normal in my family. I’m over 180 cm tall and my parents and siblings are also around that height or taller. Even though being very tall isn’t common on my husbands side he is taller than me so it all makes sense. I’m very curious to see how tall he’s going to be as an adult.

He has once again changed his routine. He now eats once a night and for the rest he soothes himself back to sleep. But he has started napping more during the day too. Short but frequent naps.

He smiles and laughs all the time and barely cries or fusses. When he does cry out loud it’s almost a little terrifying because it’s very rare. I think we’ve been very lucky with what some people call an “easy baby”. Even though having a baby isn’t easy at all it can make it a little bit easier having less crying. But I know I’ve been lucky and I don’t take it for granted. He also blows bubbles with his mouth. He drools and he is constantly eating at his hands which is a sign of teething and I have to be honest I’m very nervous about this.. You know how I just said he is an easy baby? Haha, that’s probably gonna change when his teeth starts coming in. I’m nervous but I’ll handle it.