Five Weeks Postpartum.

Since my creativity is non existent these days because all I think about is keeping my babys belly full and my house in order and I can’t seem to write a longer post, I found some random questions about the postpartum time (edit: I think they were questions to see if I have PPD or not) that I’ll answer instead. I do hope my passion for writing will return because during my pregnancy I had so much fun with this blog but now, since I don’t have the pregnancy updates to do I am quite lost on what to write. Also there is the issue of barely any time at all. I barely open my laptop anymore.


Are you sleeping okay when your baby sleeps? – Napping during the day is something I’ve never done. Of course here and there but I really dislike the feeling after a nap so no, I don’t nap. But I do sleep okay during the night in the hours I get between his feedings. I feel good when we wake up for the day in the morning. I do take a nap if it’s been a crap night sleep wise, but that has only happened a few times so far. Maybe three.

Any changes in your appetite? – Yes. After I gave birth I barely ate anything for about a week. My appetite went from being extreme during the last month of pregnancy to being completely gone after birth. Now I’d say it’s back to normal, as it was before I was pregnant. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

Are you experiencing anxiety or panic? – Well, anxiety is a part of my daily life anyway. It has been for many, many years. But I’d say it hasn’t gotten any worse with the arrival of my baby. I’m more alert though.

Are you afraid to be alone with your baby? – No. I always knew I’d be alone a lot with the baby since my husband works full time so that was never a problem. I enjoy time alone with him, and when daddy comes home at night it’s always a special time ❤

Do you feel more irritable or angry than usual? – Not really. I’m more easily frustrated and sad perhaps. I get sad when he cries a lot or is in pain with gas. But I don’t get angry.

If you are breastfeeding, how important is that to you? – It was always important to me that the breastfeeding would go over well and I know that I’d be very sad and disappointed if it hadn’t. I’ve been breastfeeding since day one and it’s going great. I’m very lucky and I know that.


My Labor and Delivery Story.

I have thought for several days now about how I could start writing down my labor and delivery story and I still don’t know how.

It’s been two weeks and three days now since our boy finally made his appearance and every day since the birth has been quite the blur. I don’t know what day it is anymore and all I do is focus on him. I’ll just start from the beginning I guess.

As I wrote in previous posts I had an induction scheduled on January 31st. My husband and I went in the night before and stayed the night there. We were supposed to try to get some sleep but with the monitor wrapped around my belly, the constant noise, nurses in and out of the room and the excitement of the whole thing meant no sleep for me. I think my husband may have gotten an hour or so but that’s about it. For the rest of the night we just listened to music and talked. It was nice.

Nothing happened during the night besides getting an IV of fluids and something put into my cervix to expand it. (A pill or something, I can’t remember, too blurry). They started the pitocin at 9 AM (at 0 cm btw, I couldn’t get the epidural until I was 4 cm) on January 31st and from there I got no breaks. The contractions that followed until I got the epidural were out of this world. And there were no breaks between them either, not that I can remember anyway. How women go without any pain relief I’ll never understand. Maybe it’s easier when labor comes naturally and you get some breaks between the contractions, I don’t know. But there was no way I wasn’t having the epidural. What an awesome invention it is.

(As I’m telling this story I have no concept of time. During all of this the last thing I was doing was look at the clock, the only time I know for sure is when he was born. But anyway..)

What was amazing after I got the epidural was that my body somehow got into full gear and not long after the pain slowly went down was I up to 9 cm. NINE. I was shocked when she told me, I believe it was as fast as an hour. Only a few moments later I started feeling incredible pressure. (This is something I didn’t realize beforehand about the epidural. I thought I’d be entirely numb and wouldn’t feel anything. Which is something I had thought about while I was pregnant, I didn’t really want to not feel anything of what was going on. How could I have any control?) I could feel everything that was happening. There was no pain, just pressure.

Shout out to one of the nurses in the room. She was from Germany and spoke perfect English with me which was very nice seeing as it is a French speaking hospital. She was calm and made the last part of my labor so much more enjoyable.

I don’t know how long I was pushing for but as he came out it felt like all of my intestines came out with him. I can still remember the feeling. She also had to cut me open, thanks for that. My husband said that when he saw her grab the scissor of the table he screamed NOOOO in his head, ouch.. I heard the cutting too by the way. It was a loud sound and I’m dying down there and inside as I’m typing this out. BUT. But when they put him on my chest all of what I’d just been through went away. He was born at 3:02 PM, 4285 grams and 53 cm. A big and perfect baby. He was on my chest for at least 40 minutes before they took him away to do the usual stuff to him and those minutes were just.. ah. Incredible. He barely cried at all and just looked around.

To sum things up I’d say giving birth is the most epic experience of my life. It contains surprises, pain, relief, joy, out of this world type of love and anything in between. I could do it again a million times for the little guy I got out of it. I do however hope that if there is a next time that labor starts naturally. I’d like to experience that. Being induced was not ideal and not something I want to do again if I can help it.

I’d like to write a postpartum post in the future too, so stay tuned for that.


I gave birth.

Baby was born four days overdue on January 31st at 3:02 PM. And what a rollercoaster it was to get him out. All worth it though of course but holy crap !

I will write a more detailed post soon while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I’m doing ok, 9 days PP. I barely bleed anymore which is a nice surprise. I thought it was going to last 6 weeks or more. Maybe it will return. I had to be cut open to get him out (oh the horror I feel when I say that) so I’m still pretty sore and on pain killers but I’d say I’m coping well.

We had first pediatrician visit yesterday and all is good.

I love him so much and the whole experience is going even better than I thought it was going to go ❤️

I’m being induced?

I guess this is my official last pregnancy update, oops.

My due date is tomorrow. The 26th. After a check up today my body is (still) showing little signs of labor and I was offered an induction on Tuesday if he hasn’t come on his own by then. I agreed and we scheduled it.

Obviously I hope he decides it’s time before that and I’ll do everything I can for him to come naturally but I don’t want to risk going more overdue then Tuesday already is. I also have to go to a monitoring on Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Before I got pregnant I had no idea they monitored pregnancies this well. I’ve been to so many check ups these nine months that I’ve lost count. I can’t imagine what having a twin or high risk pregnancy must be like when it comes to hospital visits. Sigh.

Has any of you guys had an induction? I’d love to hear stories and experiences ♥

Anyway. I’m very happy that the wait is almost over < 3


My last pregnancy update.

Today I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. There is no sign of labor yet. I’ve been told that your first pregnancy usually goes past it’s due date and I suspect this will apply to me unless my boy decides to make his appearance in the next five days. I can’t do anything but let him take his time, he has been calling the shots in my life for the past nine months and will continue to do so moving forward.

I’m feeling good. I’ve noticed that my appetite has decreased a lot in the last two weeks which I am welcoming. I probably did overeat slightly in the last two/three months and I gained most of the weight during this time. The weight gain doesn’t bother me, I know that I will be able to lose it with the right attitude and exercise but it’s not a priority for a while anyway. All I want to focus on is him until it’s time to take some time to myself.

Apart from my appetite things are pretty much the same and I don’t know what could change at this point that would be worth sharing unless it was labor signs. Hmm..

I have a feeling that he might come on his due date exactly or one/two days after. My nervousness and anxiety around the birth has gone down in the last week also. I just feel ready now and I think I can handle it with a decent result. It’s not something I can run away from, it’s something I’ll have to face. I’ve almost considered going natural but I don’t think that’s going to happen, he he. I wish I could say that I’ve mentally prepared to go natural this whole pregnancy but that would be a lie. I have always said I’ll see what happens but I have filled out the form that I had to fill out in order to get an epidural so if I decide to get one I will have one. Always better to be safe than sorry.

I’d also like to thank anyone who has read these pregnancy updates that I’ve posted for the last seven months. I have learned a lot from reading other mothers blogs here on WordPress and I’ll continue to do so as I reach the finish line and become “mom” myself. I adore the inspiration, motivation, the tips and tricks. The internet is really a great place and I’m so happy to live in this day and age where any question I might have can be answered within seconds.

I hope some of you will stick around for the next chapter of this blog 


A nervous visit to the hospital.

Yesterday turned out to be a little more dramatic then I thought when I woke up in the morning. Throughout the day I felt very little movements from baby, so little that it made me worry. I have had a small scare before but it was earlier in the pregnancy and it was most likely because I couldn’t for the life of me get any food down. My morning/all day sickness didn’t end until about 7.5 months in. Anyway; I decided to call my husband at work, tell him to come and pick me up to go to the hospital. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

After and hour of monitoring he started moving normally again, he even gave me a few hard kicks as I was laying down being monitored. It was a big relief. I read that as we’re approaching the end of the pregnancy (I’m 38 weeks, 6 days today) it can be normal for babies to move less. I knew this but still it’s not very reassuring to do all you can to make baby move and not get any response. I felt a million times better after leaving the hospital. We had an ultrasound also just to verify everything and he’s all good. His head is down and “locked in” as they put it. I guess that means he’s ready very soon. I can’t wait.

38 Weeks Pregnant.

Due date: 26th of January 2017. Days left of the pregnancy: 15 days (more or less. Probably more to be honest).

Baby’s size: As of yesterday my ultrasound technician said 3520 grams. So 3,5 KG. I asked my mom and I was 4,3 KG at birth so I’m suspecting he’ll end up in that similar weight range.

Purchases: Last weekend we went on a big shopping spree, my husband and I. Since it’s January there is tons of sales all around and we really took advantage. I found a lot of clothes for half the price which I was so excited about, and still am actually – hehe. I absolutely love a good bargain. Not having to pay full prize gives me a little rush.

We also got small towels, bibs, soaps and lotions, a changing pad, more sheets for his crib and small drawers to put his clothes into. Since I didn’t want to buy him his own dresser just yet because I don’t think we will be living in this apartment for long it was easier to get some okay looking drawers with wheels underneath. Cheap and easy.

Mood: Better then last week. I feel calm and ready, I’m saving up my energy.

Next ultrasound/doctor visit: In two weeks, 24th I believe. Which is 2 days before my due date.

Anything else you want to add: I’m slowly coming to a state of mind where everything around me doesn’t matter and all I try to focus on is what’s going to happen in the weeks ahead. I know it’s important to be ready mentally and even though I’ve had nine months to prepare but it really hits you hard in the last weeks. I believe I can do this and I have never been more excited about anything. I know birth and recovery will be tough and I’m usually someone who runs from the difficult things in life but this is something completely different. I’m so ready to meet my little man and be a family with my wonderful husband ❤