Pregnancy & Baby Questions | Pt. 3

♡ Do you believe in staying home or going to work?
+ Whatever works for your family. I’m lucky enough to get to stay home but I know that it’s not possible for everybody. It’s a huge gift though and I love it.

What is the most rewarding part about being a mother?
+ Everything. I learn something new everyday.


♡ Do you want more children in the future?
+ Absolutely! I’m very excited to be a mom of two, whenever it will be. I’m not in a rush. I love being home with my 14 month old right now. We have so much fun and I don’t want to add to our family just yet. But we do know that we want our babies to be close in age. I’m two years younger than my sister and two years older than my brother. That’s a bit too close for me but there are so many positives to having siblings growing up with you. Plus all the craziness that come with it. But mostly, at least for me, it was rewarding being one in the bunch. We had a good childhood. I’d love the same type of sibling dynamic for my kids.

♡ Any advice for future moms?
+ Enjoy the first year. They will never be that small again. That’s honestly the best advice I can give. Everything that comes after that is of course amazing too but the first year is such a blur that you must try to enjoy it as hard as you can! Also, take lots of pictures and get clothes with zippers 😉

♡ What is your biggest pet peeve about being a parent?
+ I’d love to say nothing but I did come up with one. I’m not a fan of food messes. Food all over the floor is never ideal. It’s slightly annoying but that’s life, haha! I guess everyone can agree on that one.

♡ What was the worst thing about your pregnancy?
+ Morning sickness. Or all-day sickness in my case. Also all my weight gain at the end. I finally got my appetite back at around 7 months and it came back with full force. I gained almost all the weight at the end of my pregnancy.

♡ Is there anything about your pregnancy you would change if you could?
+ I wish it was a breeze. I wish I didn’t have the fear of it not going well, the beginning of it was so difficult. I could barely eat at some points. I also wish I didn’t gain as much weight as I did at the end. But now I would never have been without any of it of course.

♡ What is something you miss about the life before kids?
+ I used to go to bed at 2AM and get up at noon on weekends, and I loved it. I still love sleep, it’s just very different now. Hah.

♡ Who did you want in the delivery suite with you?
+ My husband was the only one in there with me. My mother in law was hanging around the hospital the whole time. Since my family lives in another country I had to go through it all knowing my dear mama was far away. They did come visit a few days after he was born though which was lovely.

♡ You’re in the store with a full cart and your baby starts crying. What do you do?
+ So far using a pacifier has worked for my baby in these situations. But I can’t think of a time where it has happened yet. At least not a time where carrying him or pacifier didn’t work. There are still time for that. I assume lots of meltdowns in stores come more and more when the kid actually knows what all the stuff in the store is. Candy for example. Oh gosh ;p


Pregnancy & Baby Questions | Pt. 2

Have you ever thought gosh I can’t do this, and why?
+ Probably. But only while exhausted. I remember when he was a few weeks old there was a short time where I got little to no sleep, I was still bleeding and I was super emotional all the time so I had a little breakdown one night. Quietly of course, haha. Luckily I had and still have a helpful husband.

♡ Do you think a married family with children is any better than an unmarried relationship with kids, if so why?
+ I don’t really see how that matters. Does it? I mean. If someone is living together, having children, helping equal amounts with everything etc. It shouldn’t matter if these parents are married or not. I’ve never thought about this until now actually. And that’s how I feel about it.

What are your views on young mums having children?
+ I doubt most of them have put themselves in that position on purpose. There are exceptions of course but I bet most of them just do the best out of their situation. And I will always have respect for those who enter parenthood. I was 24 when my baby was born so I guess I’m sort of a young mom. But I take this question to mean those younger than that.


Did you go through postpartum depression? If yes, how did this effect you?
+ No. Luckily I did not have to go through that. I was very anxious for a while though. But never depressed or had doubts about my ability as a new mom. My confidence got stronger and stronger over time and now I’m very confident in my role.

♡ What techniques did you use to get through the pain of contractions?
+ Haha, I didn’t really have or use any techniques. I was completely out of it. It must have felt like an out of body experience, I can’t even remember what my thoughts were. I did not gain any control over anything until after I had the epidural. Oh sweet epidural.

♡ What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?
+ Joy, relief and happiness. Nothing mattered after that. I’ve never felt a high like that and it’s definitely something I crave to experience again. All in it’s time though.

♡ How did you choose your baby’s name?
+ My sons name is inspired by a Norwegian folk singer. I remember as a kid seeing his name on my moms CD’s in the kitchen and his music being so soothing and lovely. I just always remembered that name and associated it with a nice guy. Haha, I had the name picked out from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

♡ What’s the hardest things about being a mom?
+ I enjoy every part of it but there are hard days. For me, I’d say the hardest thing is the anxiety that comes with it. You know, the thoughts of everything that could go wrong. It’s not a constant thing of course but when it hits – it’s terrifying.

♡ Share something your baby does that make you laugh.
+ Oh he’s hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. I can’t wait for when he’s fully talking, whenever that is. It’s going to be so interesting to hear what his personality is really like. We see it come out already of course but without any words. I’m so excited to see his future.

♡ What is your baby’s favorite toy(s)?
+ He has a few. He loves his bear that sings to him at night. He also has a Sophie the giraffe ball that he loves to shake around. Hmm. OH! And a rattle that looks like a butterfly has been a favorite since he was very small. He also loves his book with pictures of anything and everything that we read in together.

Pregnancy & Baby Questions | Pt. 1

Hi there. I’m back on the random questions wagon again. I just like doing these types of posts. The questions are about pregnancy and having babies. I’m not pregnant again and it’s been over a year but I thought it would be fun to sort of “recap” the life changing event that was my first pregnancy and having my first child.

What was your first reaction when finding out you were pregnant?
+ I was hoping to get pregnant but I never thought it would happen as soon as it did. I think I got pregnant on the second or third try. My husband believes it was the first try but I don’t think it was. I remember that the second line on the test was VERY pink. It was a thick line, not a faint one. I had a few minutes to myself, processing. I remember feeling very anxious but so happy. My husband just said “I knew it” and gave me a hug. It was a special day. We Skype’d my parents and went to visit my mother in law. I didn’t know how far along I was at that point but I wanted to tell the closest people to us anyway.

What was your most common food craving during your pregnancy?
+ I always had to have water with ice cubes in it. I also remember craving meat quite often. Especially at the beginning.

♡ What was the hardest part about being pregnant?
+ I had the worst morning sickness for months and months. I didn’t have an appetite or felt alright until about 5-6 months into my pregnancy.

Where were you, what were you doing when you went into labor?
+ I went into labor at the hospital, with an induction.

♡ What was your labor experience? Natural, epidural? How long were you in labor?
+ To be honest I didn’t think too much about the labor until the last month of my pregnancy. I got a recommendation from my doctor that since I had a big baby that an induction would be a good idea if I didn’t naturally go into labor on my due date or a few days over. Had I known how bad being induced would be, I would have declined it actually. I wish I would have just let my body and baby decide that part. I’m not a doctor of course so it might have been the best choice for me and what’s done is done. But how quickly the pain started, I had NO time to get used to it. The contractions came 2 minutes apart from the beginning. I’m not joking. My body didn’t get to relax so I wouldn’t dilate. I wasn’t allowed an epidural until I was 4 cm and until I was 4 I thought I was going to die. Lol. After the epidural I finally could relax and I dilated super quick. On my last check she said she felt his head and I was 10 cm and could start pushing.

 Baby stats? Weight, length, time and date of birth.
4,2 KG, 52 cm, 3:02 PM, 31.01.17.

♡ Did you have a good pregnancy?
+ Yes and no. The start of it was was not a good experience. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed and I barely got a piece of toast down at the end of the day. But the final months was alright. I felt cute, despite gaining a lot of weight. Lol. I loved feeling the kicks, I was getting so excited. We did all the shopping during the last months and I realized the most important thing I’ve ever realized: it was the meaning of my life to do this, be someones mama.

Five Weeks Postpartum.

Since my creativity is non existent these days because all I think about is keeping my babys belly full and my house in order and I can’t seem to write a longer post, I found some random questions about the postpartum time (edit: I think they were questions to see if I have PPD or not) that I’ll answer instead. I do hope my passion for writing will return because during my pregnancy I had so much fun with this blog but now, since I don’t have the pregnancy updates to do I am quite lost on what to write. Also there is the issue of barely any time at all. I barely open my laptop anymore.


Are you sleeping okay when your baby sleeps? – Napping during the day is something I’ve never done. Of course here and there but I really dislike the feeling after a nap so no, I don’t nap. But I do sleep okay during the night in the hours I get between his feedings. I feel good when we wake up for the day in the morning. I do take a nap if it’s been a crap night sleep wise, but that has only happened a few times so far. Maybe three.

Any changes in your appetite? – Yes. After I gave birth I barely ate anything for about a week. My appetite went from being extreme during the last month of pregnancy to being completely gone after birth. Now I’d say it’s back to normal, as it was before I was pregnant. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

Are you experiencing anxiety or panic? – Well, anxiety is a part of my daily life anyway. It has been for many, many years. But I’d say it hasn’t gotten any worse with the arrival of my baby. I’m more alert though.

Are you afraid to be alone with your baby? – No. I always knew I’d be alone a lot with the baby since my husband works full time so that was never a problem. I enjoy time alone with him, and when daddy comes home at night it’s always a special time ❤

Do you feel more irritable or angry than usual? – Not really. I’m more easily frustrated and sad perhaps. I get sad when he cries a lot or is in pain with gas. But I don’t get angry.

If you are breastfeeding, how important is that to you? – It was always important to me that the breastfeeding would go over well and I know that I’d be very sad and disappointed if it hadn’t. I’ve been breastfeeding since day one and it’s going great. I’m very lucky and I know that.

My Labor and Delivery Story.

I have thought for several days now about how I could start writing down my labor and delivery story and I still don’t know how.

It’s been two weeks and three days now since our boy finally made his appearance and every day since the birth has been quite the blur. I don’t know what day it is anymore and all I do is focus on him. I’ll just start from the beginning I guess.

As I wrote in previous posts I had an induction scheduled on January 31st. My husband and I went in the night before and stayed the night there. We were supposed to try to get some sleep but with the monitor wrapped around my belly, the constant noise, nurses in and out of the room and the excitement of the whole thing meant no sleep for me. I think my husband may have gotten an hour or so but that’s about it. For the rest of the night we just listened to music and talked. It was nice.

Nothing happened during the night besides getting an IV of fluids and something put into my cervix to expand it. (A pill or something, I can’t remember, too blurry). They started the pitocin at 9 AM (at 0 cm btw, I couldn’t get the epidural until I was 4 cm) on January 31st and from there I got no breaks. The contractions that followed until I got the epidural were out of this world. And there were no breaks between them either, not that I can remember anyway. How women go without any pain relief I’ll never understand. Maybe it’s easier when labor comes naturally and you get some breaks between the contractions, I don’t know. But there was no way I wasn’t having the epidural. What an awesome invention it is.

(As I’m telling this story I have no concept of time. During all of this the last thing I was doing was look at the clock, the only time I know for sure is when he was born. But anyway..)

What was amazing after I got the epidural was that my body somehow got into full gear and not long after the pain slowly went down was I up to 9 cm. NINE. I was shocked when she told me, I believe it was as fast as an hour. Only a few moments later I started feeling incredible pressure. (This is something I didn’t realize beforehand about the epidural. I thought I’d be entirely numb and wouldn’t feel anything. Which is something I had thought about while I was pregnant, I didn’t really want to not feel anything of what was going on. How could I have any control?) I could feel everything that was happening. There was no pain, just pressure.

Shout out to one of the nurses in the room. She was from Germany and spoke perfect English with me which was very nice seeing as it is a French speaking hospital. She was calm and made the last part of my labor so much more enjoyable.

I don’t know how long I was pushing for but as he came out it felt like all of my intestines came out with him. I can still remember the feeling. She also had to cut me open, thanks for that. My husband said that when he saw her grab the scissor of the table he screamed NOOOO in his head, ouch.. I heard the cutting too by the way. It was a loud sound and I’m dying down there and inside as I’m typing this out. BUT. But when they put him on my chest all of what I’d just been through went away. He was born at 3:02 PM, 4285 grams and 53 cm. A big and perfect baby. He was on my chest for at least 40 minutes before they took him away to do the usual stuff to him and those minutes were just.. ah. Incredible. He barely cried at all and just looked around.

To sum things up I’d say giving birth is the most epic experience of my life. It contains surprises, pain, relief, joy, out of this world type of love and anything in between. I could do it again a million times for the little guy I got out of it. I do however hope that if there is a next time that labor starts naturally. I’d like to experience that. Being induced was not ideal and not something I want to do again if I can help it.

I’d like to write a postpartum post in the future too, so stay tuned for that.


I gave birth.

Baby was born four days overdue on January 31st at 3:02 PM. And what a rollercoaster it was to get him out. All worth it though of course but holy crap !

I will write a more detailed post soon while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I’m doing ok, 9 days PP. I barely bleed anymore which is a nice surprise. I thought it was going to last 6 weeks or more. Maybe it will return. I had to be cut open to get him out (oh the horror I feel when I say that) so I’m still pretty sore and on pain killers but I’d say I’m coping well.

We had first pediatrician visit yesterday and all is good.

I love him so much and the whole experience is going even better than I thought it was going to go ❤️

I’m being induced?

I guess this is my official last pregnancy update, oops.

My due date is tomorrow. The 26th. After a check up today my body is (still) showing little signs of labor and I was offered an induction on Tuesday if he hasn’t come on his own by then. I agreed and we scheduled it.

Obviously I hope he decides it’s time before that and I’ll do everything I can for him to come naturally but I don’t want to risk going more overdue then Tuesday already is. I also have to go to a monitoring on Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Before I got pregnant I had no idea they monitored pregnancies this well. I’ve been to so many check ups these nine months that I’ve lost count. I can’t imagine what having a twin or high risk pregnancy must be like when it comes to hospital visits. Sigh.

Has any of you guys had an induction? I’d love to hear stories and experiences ♥

Anyway. I’m very happy that the wait is almost over < 3