Just a ramble from a zombie mom.

So my baby is now six months old and I’ve never in my life felt time fly by as quickly as it did the past half a year. Every time I look at him now all I can think about is how big he’s getting and I never would’ve thought it would go by so fast. His first few weeks here with us are still so fresh in my mind. I wish I could go back and see it all again. Photos are not enough. I’m so proud of him, my husband and me.

He’s still a baby of course but he’s becoming more and more his own person. He’s teething so he’s been very fussy and he eats his hands. He doesn’t like any teethers I’ve tried giving him. I think I’ll have to buy a bunch of different ones and just place them all in his playpen with him and see if he chews on any of them. Because when his hands doesn’t do the job for him he gets super frustrated. He’s waking up more at night now and I’m a zombie. He also has started refusing naps during the day. He’s easier to get down for the night, but naps are a horror show. Earlier today I just lost my mind for a few minutes at that’s actually the first time that’s happened to me so far. I knew it would come, he he. I hope it doesn’t last forever. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in 6 months, I’m considering cutting my hair short because there is just no point in having my hair as long as I do anymore. It’s almost down to my hips. I always have it in a messy bun because: practical. But I’ll see what I end up doing. But despite this, I love being a stay at home mom. I’m so happy I don’t have to go to work and that this is my job. And it is a job for sure but I don’t want to be doing anything else.


I’ve been doing very well with the planning of our weekly meals lately. I absolutely love it. We didn’t used to do it like this before we had a baby. We just went with the flow. But sitting down and writing down a menu, searching through Pinterest for healthy meals and snacks, writing a shopping list and having everything we need for the week makes my mind at ease. It means I don’t have to do any grocery shopping alone during the week with a stroller etc. I don’t drive. So going with my husband and loading up the car once a week makes life simpler. We have definitely saved money too. I know we’re late to the party on this but you know. And I’ve never in my life before enjoyed cooking until I became a mom. I’m progressing more and more every day actually. I’ve added more fish to our diets and less red meat. I’ve gotten a huge craving for sweet potatoes so I always look for recipes with that in the ingredient list.

Today I’m attempting this recipe. On Monday I made this and it turned out so, so good. As I said in my previous blog post, I love Pinterest. It’s now my favorite website. I spend at least an hour or more there every day. I’ve made cooking a priority and I’m very glad I’ve done so. I always cooked before but it was just boring food. Easy pasta dishes etc. We’ve now cut rice, potatoes (except sweet potatoes) and pasta from our diets too. I’ve lost some weight from that.

That’s about all I can pull out from my brain today. Also, if you watch any shows you’d like to recommend to me I’d love to hear it! I’m currently only following Game of Thrones but that’s just once a week so having another show to follow would be nice. What’s your fave series?


Lately I’ve only used my laptop for one thing: Pinterest. I have such a good time on there, I’ve never felt more inspired than after half an hour (or more) browsing through the organizing, decorating, baking and cooking tips. Check out my profile and if you follow me I’ll be sure to follow you back 🙂

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Not the Right Time.

So we tried solids (mashed sweet potato) for the first time on Friday and he refused it. He made a face that said “yuck, what the hell are you giving me?” We tried again on Saturday and Sunday but he still didn’t want anything to do with it. It’s alright. All I wanted to do was try and see if he was interested, he’s 5 months old now. And whenever he sees us eat he stares at us with curiosity. I assume he’s too young for now so I’ll wait a while before I try again. My milk supply is plenty and he’s never hungry so there isn’t a huge rush, really.

On another note, we came home from visiting my family on Thursday last week and I’m already homesick. We had an amazing time there and I’m so glad that my husband wants to move there in the future. Even though it might be a difficult thing to get together we will do everything we can to make it happen, with help from my family. They want us to live closer to them more than anything, of course ❤

When we were visiting them we had such good dinners every single day and it gave us a lot of food inspiration. I think I lost some weight while we were there, my husband did for sure. My mom makes this amazing broccoli salad. Raw broccoli, red onion, bacon and sour cream, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper mixed together. Ugh, it’s SO good and I’m making it today. It goes great next to any meat, really. Bla blaaaa, anyway.

I hope everyone’s summer is going by slowly and happily. It’s 25C here today and it’s a little too hot to get much done. I did the dishes (oh how I long for a dishwasher!) and I’m about to put on some laundry. Then I’ll cook and wait for hubby to come home. His leg is healed from the infection and he even climbed a huge mountain on his own when we were in Norway. I’m proud. Ok, bye!

On my turf.


We are currently visiting my family and most of them are getting to meet my baby for the first time. I feel so happy and sad at the same time. It sucks that we don’t live here permanently yet but it’s also very nice to have a vacation. My husband took a whole day to walk alone in the mountains and it makes him want to move here even more. (Photos added to this post are from his walk).


We get to relax a lot because my family loves baby sitting of course and it’s nice to miss him once in a while. My mom took him to meet her girlfriends for lunch today and I got to do some stuff I needed to do, plus relax and have a peaceful lunch with my husband. It’s nice getting to charge our batteries for when we’re back home with no help.

We still have a week left here and I’m going to try to enjoy it properly. Tonight we had dinner at my grandparents house. They are in love with Bjørn and she made my fave food. Fish, potatoes and vegetables. I like simple dinners.

While we were there I decided to weigh myself for the first time since giving birth. I knew I had lost a nice amount of weight since having him but not as much as the scale told me. I have lost 17 kilograms (37 lbs) since having him on January 31st. I’m proud of that. I feel great and think I’m starting to look more or less like my old self.

I hope you are having a nice end of June 🙂

23 Random Questions.

I found this random list of questions on a website a few days ago and thought I’d fill it out myself, just for fun. These types of blog posts are one of my favorite to read on other peoples blogs and I love filling out things so here I go 🙂


Zodiac sign: Aries. Height: 182 cm. Home country: Norway. Orientation: I’m straight.

Favorite season(s): Spring and fall. Favorite holiday(s): Jul (christmas in English) for sure, what’s not to love. Craziest thing to happen to you: Giving birth, hands down. That’s a crazy experience for sure. Favorite food: Japanese food. I love it all. Japanese curry, ramen, sushi – anything.

Favorite song right now: The 1975 – Somebody Else. First 3 songs that play during shuffle: Topic – Find You, Jonas Blue – Mama, One Republic – Kids.


A random movie you like: I like British movies like Pride and Prejudice and About a Boy. Last movie watched: The Matrix. Favorite TV show(s): Louie, Desperate Housewives, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Bridge (Swedish/Danish version), That 70s Show, Friends.

Favorite Youtubers: Rob Dyke, TJ Kirk, Emma Blackery. Favorite Website(s): Reddit, Youtube, WordPress, Weheartit. Favorite animal(s): All animals. But if I have to choose I’d say dogs and whales. Last thing bought online: I haven’t online shopped in months but I bought some baby clothes when I was pregnant.

large (1)

Average hours of sleep: I don’t know anymore, haha. I have a 4,5  month old so sleep is what it is. Number of blankets you sleep with: One.

Dream trip: Oh it’s very difficult to pick just one place.. A few places I’d love to see are Iceland, Italy and Greece. Oh and Ireland would be fun too. It’s beautiful there.

Blog Created: July 2016 is when I posted my first entry. Story behind URL: It’s just a variation of my name. Number of followers: 80.

That was a nice waste of 15 minutes 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Single mom for a Week.


Last week (from Monday to Monday) my husband unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. It started on Saturday when he got a high fever, he was ice cold, shivering and talked about a pain in his right leg. He first thought it was food poisoning or the flu, either could be possible but it was not the case. He went in to the emergency room on Sunday night and called me after a few hours telling me they found out it was a blood infection in his leg and he had to stay in the hospital for at least two days.

At that moment I was very happy that he went to the emergency room to have it checked out. Because at first we both thought it was something that could pass by staying in bed for a while. The flu usually passes within a few days. But he didn’t feel better and his fever got higher and higher. So I was glad he would be antibiotics and the treatment he needed.

One night in the hospital turned into three nights, and three nights turned into a week. I’m relieved he was well taken care of but it also meant I did everything without his help. And I think it was a good week for my confidence. I mean, I was already confident in taking care of my son obviously, but without any help for a week? (During the 4 month sleep regression.) A new and needed experience. It would come eventually. I did well. We visited him almost everyday in the hospital. He was released this Monday and he is on antibiotics in pill form, he has to stay off his feet as much as possible for one week and put some purple liquid on the red flaming skin where the infection was. He’s okay ❤