Baby’s First Christmas.

This morning my husband woke me up by opening the curtains and telling me it was snowing. That’s a great way of waking up because I love the snow. But snow here is not like the snow I’m used to back home. At least not for the years I’ve lived here. The temperature never drops enough to keep it on the ground here. It’s beautiful for as long as it lasts. By the time hubby came back from work it was already rained away. How rude of nature. Sigh, oh well. Can’t do anything about it. All I’ll do is hope for it to return around mid December and hopefully stay a while!


We leave for Norway on the 22nd of December and I am so excited. I can’t WAIT! I really need to see my family now ❤ I hope ya’ll are excited for Christmas too. I got my baby a cute teddy bear that lights up in different colors and that giraffe chewing toy thing that I’ve seen online a lot. It’s so cute. What’s her name.. I can’t remember. But I thought that was a good enough gift for baby’s first Christmas. He doesn’t know what presents are yet of course so I decided to keep it low. He’ll most likely receive a lot of stuff from his extended family anyway so. Haha! But I am excited to put “from Mom and Dad” on the present. It’s still weird to know that I am “mom”. I love it though. More than anything.

On another note. Have you seen Stranger Things yet? I have. And you should see it too. My husband and I finished season 2 last night and within a week and a half we managed to get all the episodes in after baby was in bed at night. And it’s so so so good. Even though I’m usually a bit skeptical of scary shows or movies, this was just right. We had so much fun watching this together, hubby got really into it. Haha! I highly recommend it.

Just wanted to check in. How are you today? Any advice for me going on a super long car ride with a (then) almost 11 month old? I’m nervous!

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