Poor baby.

So baby puked up his dinner last night and he seemed to have a terrible tummy ache. He cried super hard before each time he threw up and had these moments in between where he went completely silent and just snuggled up to me. This has never happened before and it’s the first time he’s been sick since he was born. It was difficult knowing how to handle it in my head after it was over. Seeing that for the first time was so sad  But I guess it could have happened many months ago so in that way he’s lucky.

He’s fine today. He slept good last night and has breastfed just fine. I gave him a banana for breakfast. It’s lunchtime soon and I’m not sure what he should eat. I’m nervous. I think I’ll go for mainly cold things today. And definitely not anything with pasta in it. That went horribly wrong last night. Poor baby :/ It’s a year of firsts, including experiencing the sad things.



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