Random Facts About Me.

Like I said in my previous post I have no inspiration for any blog posts. But I searched my brain last night and I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel for something to write. I’d like to just start with an easy post so that my inspo might pick back up again. Pressing the “Publish” button is always fun so I think I’ll try harder to make my blog a more active place.

I thought about putting down some random facts about myself. I don’t know if that’s interesting to read for others but to be honest I keep this blog mostly for myself. But I love reading comments when I get them and I’ve only encountered nice people here on WordPress.

So here we go. I don’t know how many I’ll think of right now but I’ll just go for it!

  • I have never seen a single episode of the “Kardashians”. I honestly think that that family is the most overrated thing to happen in pop culture. Why is what they do interesting? How did they get famous? I’m trying not to be rude here to those who do watch it but I think it’s truly outrageous. I have no interest in it.
  • I have a serious fear of going to the doctor. The dentist I’m fine with but I always fear that the doctor will tell me something awful. So I never go. Unless I can’t get out of it, like when I was pregnant. I remember taking the first blood test and having the worst anxiety ever afterwards. What would they find? Ugh. Luckily I’m fine.
  • In the last two years I found fun in cooking and baking. I love experimenting with new spices, new dishes and recipes and I have a lot of fun doing it. Before I got pregnant I didn’t enjoy cooking at all. It’s not fun every single day obviously but I like going grocery shopping and meal plan.
  • I’ll admit that I have been influenced by the terror fear that is going around these days. I’m scared about being at the wrong place at the wrong time, I’m scared about going to an airport. But I wish this wasn’t the case. It’s obviously unlikely to happen but it’s also very likely. It’s happening all over the world, every day. I’m so sad for what’s going on and I can’t not let it effect me.
  • I’ve been dealing with high levels of anxiety since I was around 12 years old. It’s a daily struggle and I’m bad at talking about it.
  • My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Tokyo/around Japan in 2015 and it was the best trip I have been on. Japan has got to be the safest place on earth. I have never felt so safe and welcome before. The food is the BEST. Ugh, typing about it makes me want to book a trip right now. I wish I was rich. But we do have a plan on going there in 2019. Money, money, money..
  • Louis Theroux is my fave documentary presenter. His approach to the people he meets really works and he seems like such a nice guy on top of that.
  • I get weird forceful thoughts. Nothing dangerous but just very random. Like my mind telling me I need to put the volume to exactly 50. Not 49, it has to be a round number. That’s just one example. It can be with food to. Not one slice of cheese on the toast, it has to be one and a half. I’m odd.

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