Single mom for a Week.


Last week (from Monday to Monday) my husband unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. It started on Saturday when he got a high fever, he was ice cold, shivering and talked about a pain in his right leg. He first thought it was food poisoning or the flu, either could be possible but it was not the case. He went in to the emergency room on Sunday night and called me after a few hours telling me they found out it was a blood infection in his leg and he had to stay in the hospital for at least two days.

At that moment I was very happy that he went to the emergency room to have it checked out. Because at first we both thought it was something that could pass by staying in bed for a while. The flu usually passes within a few days. But he didn’t feel better and his fever got higher and higher. So I was glad he would be antibiotics and the treatment he needed.

One night in the hospital turned into three nights, and three nights turned into a week. I’m relieved he was well taken care of but it also meant I did everything without his help. And I think it was a good week for my confidence. I mean, I was already confident in taking care of my son obviously, but without any help for a week? (During the 4 month sleep regression.) A new and needed experience. It would come eventually. I did well. We visited him almost everyday in the hospital. He was released this Monday and he is on antibiotics in pill form, he has to stay off his feet as much as possible for one week and put some purple liquid on the red flaming skin where the infection was. He’s okay ❤


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