We moved. Again 😜

So I’m currently on day 6 of working out. I’ll take today off. I only do a 30 minute cardio workout at home and I follow a YouTube video but I’m sweaty af when it’s over. And I absolutely love it. I’m surprised at myself. I am already feeling changes in my mood and most importantly – I feel more energized. I have more energy. I can’t believe it. The exercises I do are getting slightly easier day by day. I’m happy. Okay, now on to something else.

My husband and I are putting up an IKEA wardrobe today and it’s so hard. There is NO way I could have ever done this by myself. I’m just sitting on the side doing what he tells me to do, holding things up etc. Lol! We’re halfway. We just have to put the sliding doors on now which looks like the hardest part. I love IKEA but I hate it at the same time.

Hubby has lived in this apartment since September 1st but baby and I got here last Saturday. We’ve got a dishwasher put in which I’ve never owned before so I’m so happy to be saving time by not having to do dishes! I’ve done them by hand for so many years now that I was more than ready for this change. We also have a hobby room that my husband and I share. He put up a double desk before I got here last weekend (IKEA alone, brave guy) and in there we build and paint Warhammer models (I won’t explain what it is, haha, but painting is an anxiety relief for me) and I can be in peace on my laptop or whatever else we want to do.

I get so excited thinking about this wardrobe being finished and I get all our clothes organised.. *Heart eyes* But we have so much clothes that it’s insane. Yesterday I went through all of mine and I managed to get three or four big bags of them off to Oxfam. I realised I had to think “will I ever wear this again?” and when I did that, it was almost like I couldn’t stop.

Anyway. I hope you’re all well! I wish we could talk more. If you’re on Twitter pleeease add me @Hariietto 🤩


An 18 month old at a wedding.

So I finally got around to downloading the WordPress app. It’s quite cute actually. Easy to post etc but I do prefer to use my laptop for writing blog posts. But I hardly ever open that thing. It just dusts away. Hehe.

Anyway. We’re currently on vacation in Norway. We’ve been here for almost 3 weeks now and there are still 4 left to go for me and the little one. My husband leaves a bit before us because he has to go back to work.

My sisters wedding is on Saturday and we’re all scrambling around to help out. The ceremony will actually be in my parents backyard. It’s big and they’ve been working around the clock to make it look beautiful. (Since there is a heatwave hitting these days the grass doesn’t look that great but oh well.) The party will be in a big barn they’ve rented from an acquaintance of my dad and today they’re starting to set up everything. I’m in charge of the photo booth area which should be fun. There are 95 guests invited btw. That’s a lot of people. I’m glad it’s not me to be honest. I didn’t have a big wedding and this whole thing makes me nervous for my sister, haha. She’s not the biggest fan of attention, just like me.

Anyway. I actually had a question for anyone who has attended a wedding with a toddler. I of course am bringing my baby to the ceremony and to the party. He’s walking and running around now, he has a lot of energy and hates sitting still.

How do I keep him sitting on my or anyone else’s lap during the ceremony? And what about the party.. I’m just very nervous about missing out on anything. My husband is the photographer for the wedding so he will be very busy the whole day and can’t help me much. My mom and everyone else will want to hold him of course but.. I don’t know. I tried finding a babysitter but basically everyone I could ask is going to the wedding too 😂 I’ll just have to see how it goes. I’ll bring lots of snacks.

It’s been two years.

Today I got a notification on my blog that it’s been 2 years since I created this blog. That means that it’s been two years since I was in my early pregnant months, freaking out and needing a place to collect my thoughts. Tonight I’ll go through some of those posts and probably cry a bit.

Have a good night, guys ❤ I will download the WordPress app soon and see how I like it. Since I don’t use my laptop too often but I’m always near my phone so it makes sense to use the app. I’ll see how it works out 😉


Life Update.

I haven’t written a blog post in so long that I don’t even know where or how to begin. I don’t really have much to update on. The truth is that I hardly ever open my laptop. I should perhaps download the WordPress app so I can post on the go? I don’t know. I always say after a long break from my blog that I promise to do better. Now I’ve learned not to promise anything.

I’m reading my last post and it was from the day I last flew with my son. I said I’d report back but that never happened. Here is the recap on that: flying to our destination went fine, flying home went not so well. My son is like a worm. Seriously. He hates sitting still unless he is entertained and I have a serious worry about the future when it comes to road trips and flights. Does an iPad do the job? I’d assume so. I didn’t have one this time and I don’t give him one at home but he watches some cartoons here and there. I guess I’ll need to find a headset small enough for a 1,5 year old. Lol. We do a lot of road trips and flying so I need to find some way to keep him entertained. I had toys and some drawing stuff but he didn’t give a single.. Yeah. Haha! Luckily our flights are rarely over 2 hours so I survive but I must admit it gets a bit stressful when you realise even before take off that the kid is not in any sort of mood to sit still.

flight sky clouds aircraft
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Anyway. Our next journey is our yearly summer road trip from here to Norway. We’re staying all summer with my family. Possibly 2 full months. We leave on the 13th of July. My husband has to drive back alone after 4 weeks but baby and I (is he even a baby anymore? I think I can safely say toddler now? I’m actually not sure, lol) can stay longer. My sister gets married on August 4th and my husband is their photographer. Isn’t that sweet? It’ll be our wedding gift, that’s what they wanted anyway. I didn’t actually know how much a wedding photographer costs but when I Google’d it I realised they’ll save a fortune by getting it for free, haha! On top of that, my dad turns 60 in September and I don’t want to miss it. Soooo.. We’ll fly home together sometime after that. Sigh. I’ll def have the iPad ready for that.

When we return home in September however the biggest change comes. We’re moving. Rather, my husband will have moved all of our stuff while we’re still vacationing. HAHA! I feel bad but he says it’s fine and he will get help from other people of course. All I have to do is have all my stuff organised and packed before we leave in July.

We only lived here (where we are now) for 1 year. I just couldn’t do it. I wrote back then that I was so excited to move out here, but I learned quickly that it wasn’t the best idea. I was just so happy to be moving from where we lived before that (where we had extremely loud neighbours who was OUR LANDLADY so we couldn’t really say much without fear and I just generally hated the whole place) that I was just like YES ANYWHERE ELSE I’LL TAKE IT! I didn’t think it through. Where we are now is in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have my own car. You do the math. I miss the city. I miss walking around and seeing people. Going out to lunch. Anything that the city offers, I miss it. So we’ve found an apartment for a great price, the landlord is a chill nice guy (who lives nowhere near us btw), there are 3 bedrooms, a newly remodelled kitchen and two seperate small gardens with just enough space for kid activities and a little BBQ station.

I’m very relieved. I’m also very happy that this happened now and not when my son is in school and would have to move schools. I don’t know. It’s been a life lesson for sure. I mean.. I haven’t even bought any new furniture for the place we are in now because I realised quite quickly that it wasn’t a good move. I’ve enjoyed the peace of the countryside, sure, but I feel like I’m not old enough yet to where this will be what I want every day. I need to hear cars and see more people. Not just the horses that live on the other side of the road to our current place. Heh.

So that was my update. Hopefully I’ll get myself a proper desk soon so I can set up my laptop somewhere so I’ll actually start using it more often.

What are you guys doing this summer? ;3

– H.


I’m flying with the bebe again tonight. This is the second flight we’re doing together and I’ll be alone with him this time too, and now I’m nervous. My husband booked the tickets and I didn’t know he booked it for 9PM.. I mean. Hello. That probably wasn’t the best idea. Unless we somehow are extremely lucky and get an extra seat next to us where he can lay down and sleep I’m not confident him being in the ErgoBaby during the whole 2 hours of the flight will work. We don’t use the Ergo too much but he does sleep fine in it if I’m walking. Maybe I’ll have to walk up and down the isles a lot.

I’m just very nervous right now and I needed to vent somewhere, haha. But if it goes well I’ll post a very relieved post when I come home.


We’re going to Norway again for two weeks to see my family. I can’t wait. We went back in February and I’m going back again in June to stay for almost the whole summer. It’s the best thing ever to be able to travel home basically whenever it’s possible. I love staying with my parents, they love having us and it’s just all around a good thing.

Pregnancy & Baby Questions | Pt. 3

♡ Do you believe in staying home or going to work?
+ Whatever works for your family. I’m lucky enough to get to stay home but I know that it’s not possible for everybody. It’s a huge gift though and I love it.

What is the most rewarding part about being a mother?
+ Everything. I learn something new everyday.


♡ Do you want more children in the future?
+ Absolutely! I’m very excited to be a mom of two, whenever it will be. I’m not in a rush. I love being home with my 14 month old right now. We have so much fun and I don’t want to add to our family just yet. But we do know that we want our babies to be close in age. I’m two years younger than my sister and two years older than my brother. That’s a bit too close for me but there are so many positives to having siblings growing up with you. Plus all the craziness that come with it. But mostly, at least for me, it was rewarding being one in the bunch. We had a good childhood. I’d love the same type of sibling dynamic for my kids.

♡ Any advice for future moms?
+ Enjoy the first year. They will never be that small again. That’s honestly the best advice I can give. Everything that comes after that is of course amazing too but the first year is such a blur that you must try to enjoy it as hard as you can! Also, take lots of pictures and get clothes with zippers 😉

♡ What is your biggest pet peeve about being a parent?
+ I’d love to say nothing but I did come up with one. I’m not a fan of food messes. Food all over the floor is never ideal. It’s slightly annoying but that’s life, haha! I guess everyone can agree on that one.

♡ What was the worst thing about your pregnancy?
+ Morning sickness. Or all-day sickness in my case. Also all my weight gain at the end. I finally got my appetite back at around 7 months and it came back with full force. I gained almost all the weight at the end of my pregnancy.

♡ Is there anything about your pregnancy you would change if you could?
+ I wish it was a breeze. I wish I didn’t have the fear of it not going well, the beginning of it was so difficult. I could barely eat at some points. I also wish I didn’t gain as much weight as I did at the end. But now I would never have been without any of it of course.

♡ What is something you miss about the life before kids?
+ I used to go to bed at 2AM and get up at noon on weekends, and I loved it. I still love sleep, it’s just very different now. Hah.

♡ Who did you want in the delivery suite with you?
+ My husband was the only one in there with me. My mother in law was hanging around the hospital the whole time. Since my family lives in another country I had to go through it all knowing my dear mama was far away. They did come visit a few days after he was born though which was lovely.

♡ You’re in the store with a full cart and your baby starts crying. What do you do?
+ So far using a pacifier has worked for my baby in these situations. But I can’t think of a time where it has happened yet. At least not a time where carrying him or pacifier didn’t work. There are still time for that. I assume lots of meltdowns in stores come more and more when the kid actually knows what all the stuff in the store is. Candy for example. Oh gosh ;p

Pregnancy & Baby Questions | Pt. 2

Have you ever thought gosh I can’t do this, and why?
+ Probably. But only while exhausted. I remember when he was a few weeks old there was a short time where I got little to no sleep, I was still bleeding and I was super emotional all the time so I had a little breakdown one night. Quietly of course, haha. Luckily I had and still have a helpful husband.

♡ Do you think a married family with children is any better than an unmarried relationship with kids, if so why?
+ I don’t really see how that matters. Does it? I mean. If someone is living together, having children, helping equal amounts with everything etc. It shouldn’t matter if these parents are married or not. I’ve never thought about this until now actually. And that’s how I feel about it.

What are your views on young mums having children?
+ I doubt most of them have put themselves in that position on purpose. There are exceptions of course but I bet most of them just do the best out of their situation. And I will always have respect for those who enter parenthood. I was 24 when my baby was born so I guess I’m sort of a young mom. But I take this question to mean those younger than that.


Did you go through postpartum depression? If yes, how did this effect you?
+ No. Luckily I did not have to go through that. I was very anxious for a while though. But never depressed or had doubts about my ability as a new mom. My confidence got stronger and stronger over time and now I’m very confident in my role.

♡ What techniques did you use to get through the pain of contractions?
+ Haha, I didn’t really have or use any techniques. I was completely out of it. It must have felt like an out of body experience, I can’t even remember what my thoughts were. I did not gain any control over anything until after I had the epidural. Oh sweet epidural.

♡ What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?
+ Joy, relief and happiness. Nothing mattered after that. I’ve never felt a high like that and it’s definitely something I crave to experience again. All in it’s time though.

♡ How did you choose your baby’s name?
+ My sons name is inspired by a Norwegian folk singer. I remember as a kid seeing his name on my moms CD’s in the kitchen and his music being so soothing and lovely. I just always remembered that name and associated it with a nice guy. Haha, I had the name picked out from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

♡ What’s the hardest things about being a mom?
+ I enjoy every part of it but there are hard days. For me, I’d say the hardest thing is the anxiety that comes with it. You know, the thoughts of everything that could go wrong. It’s not a constant thing of course but when it hits – it’s terrifying.

♡ Share something your baby does that make you laugh.
+ Oh he’s hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. I can’t wait for when he’s fully talking, whenever that is. It’s going to be so interesting to hear what his personality is really like. We see it come out already of course but without any words. I’m so excited to see his future.

♡ What is your baby’s favorite toy(s)?
+ He has a few. He loves his bear that sings to him at night. He also has a Sophie the giraffe ball that he loves to shake around. Hmm. OH! And a rattle that looks like a butterfly has been a favorite since he was very small. He also loves his book with pictures of anything and everything that we read in together.