Absolutely nothing to say.

I haven’t posted in a year. And in that year, nothing worth blogging about has happened. Haha! I’ll see you whenever I get pregnant again. That is something I enjoy documenting to look back on.

Regular everyday life during this pandemic isn’t something I feel the need to document. Im basically doing laundry, taking walks, cleaning, cooking. Thats it. We still cant travel, and we haven’t seen my family since August. Ugh.. It started feeling hopeless ages ago. But I know we have it good, we haven’t gotten the virus and we are healthy. Not vaccinated but hopefully soon. I want nothing more than to travel home but for now – I just have to accept the situation.

I really hope you guys are staying safe as well. I don’t know if anyone on my followers list still use WordPress, but if you see this – I miss you! ❤



A short hello from me;

Baby girl is 4 months old now. We are still in quarantine, hubby has been working from home since the end of March. We´re alright but I miss my family.. I hope you all are staying safe


Probably my last pregnancy update.

Hey to whoever reads this 🙂 Who else is super pregnant and can’t wait for it to be over and meet their baby and face the new life head on?

I haven’t posted anything on here in over ten weeks and there isn’t really a reason for that. There isn’t that much to update on. I’ve been just living a very normal stay at home mom life which I seriously enjoy. Baby girl is five weeks away now (hopefully sooner, I wouldn’t mind if she came December 1st) and I’m getting very nervous and excited about the birth. My first labor was hard because I was induced which totally sucks. Induced contractions has to somehow be harder then going into labor on your own? I had no break in between them at ALL so I’m very curious how it is when it happens naturally and how I’ll handle it. I will return to this topic once I’ve actually gone through it. Let’s hope I don’t have to be induced this time. My doctor and I haven’t even talked about it. And I think I would say no unless she found a good reason as to why I’d need to be induced. I don’t have a big baby like last time which was my old doctors reason for inducing me. I went 5 days overdue.

I am not emotionally prepared to go overdue this time. I seriously hope I don’t. My body is so tired and I have a 2 almost 3 year old so the belly is just in the way. I always sound so ungrateful when I say this but I just have to be honest. I don’t enjoy pregnancy but I love my kids to the end of this earth. It has nothing to do with that, it’s just the “condition” you’re in for 9 months that my body can’t handle. I’m always sick and it just.. sucks.

What else? I passed my glucose test (that’s a long time ago now) and I did so much better than last time. With my son I could barely hold that drink down. I had to lay down and focus SO hard not to puke. Haha! Glad that’s over. Anyway. I’ll just do a simple update like I’ve done for each update so far. If anyone is interested in a “haul” of the stuff I’m going to get for this baby in the next week or two please let me know. We haven’t bought much YET and we’re so late to it this time around. I will have it all ready by 38 weeks because that’s my cut off time for panic. If I don’t have hospital bags and everything we need by then we’ve done things wrong, lol! Okay, here we go.

Due date + sex of baby: Baby girl is due on December 7th 2019.

Baby is as big as: We had an ultrasound yesterday and she’s at 2,4 kilograms now which is good. She was measuring very small early on and now she has caught up. I think she’ll be over 3 kilos at birth.

Cravings: I’ve been craving cereal, Thai sweet chili flavored peanuts, gingerbread cookies and baguettes with cheese, ham, cucumber and mayonnaise. I know I shouldn’t really have meats like that but I ate what I got in two days so it didn’t stay in my fridge growing weird bacteria.

Annoyances/pain: Since the baby has dropped (she’s head down now, YAY!) my heartburn problem is now a lot less present, but it’s still there sometimes. I won’t sleep comfortably until I can sleep on my stomach a full 8 hours. Which won’t be for a year or so, so I’m just used to bad sleep at this point. I’m prepared for the lack of sleep a baby brings, hehe.

Mood: SUPER NESTING MODE is on. It’s been on for a long time to be honest but now I really feel like I have to get everything ready in the next two weeks. We will try.

Purchases: I’ll do a separate post in the future when we have everything ready.

Next doctors visit: We had one yesterday and everything seemed great. I love my doctor, she’s great. I had the strep B test and a final blood test. My next appointment is on November 22nd.

A Big Pregnancy Q & A.

I thought since I am more than halfway through my pregnancy now that I’d do a bigger q and a. Just for fun and for me to read through in the future. I don’t think I did this with my first pregnancy, not a bigger one like this. Or maybe I did? I’m not sure. I’d have to go back and look. Whatever. I enjoy documenting my pregnancy and it’s flying by so fast this time and I don’t want to forget anything. Before I know it December will be here and so will this baby. The questions will go over different parts of my pregnancy. From the start to how I feel about the birth etc. Here we go ♡

Q: What was the process like for you getting pregnant?
I was very shocked at how quickly I got pregnant. I quit my birth control after Christmas some time and I got pregnant in March. All I did was track my cycle on the Pregnancy+ app (which I’m still using for my pregnancy now).

Q: How did you find out you were pregnant?
NOT predicting it would happen so fast but once my period didn’t show up I took a test the next day. I didn’t wanna test before I had missed my period, so I waited until I missed it and I had NO idea it would be positive. I sat in the bathroom and stared at the test for a while.

Q: How did you tell your husband you were pregnant?
My husband bought the test so he knew I was going to take it. But after I took the first test I just brought it out into the living room and he had possibly the exact same reaction as he did when I found out I was pregnant the first time. He is such a chill dude and he just gave me a hug and let me have my freakout. Which I couldn’t help but have. I did it the first time too.

Q: How did you tell your parents?
I gave them a phone call after I had taken more tests the next day. My mom was on a walk with a friend and my dad at work. Since they’re a 2 hour flight away I couldn’t hold it as a secret until we meet again so I have to call them. It’s a lovely phone call to make and it’s great news. Everyone is very excited.

Q: Did you want to find out the baby’s gender during pregnancy or find out at birth?
I could never wait 9 months to find out. Go to all of my ultrasounds and never wanting to know. I think it would be amazing and really cool to wait until birth but I just can’t wait to find out. I hate surprises in my everyday life, I like knowing everything in advance. Plus for me it somehow makes me bond more with the baby. It makes us be able to pick a name etc so it’s just one of the amazing things technology can do for us now during pregnancy and I loved finding out the sex of our babies.

Q: If you could choose, would you choose boy or girl?
I always said that it would be cool to have two boys. But that was only because our first boy was such an easy baby. But once we found out we were having a girl I got very emotional and happy. She will have a big brother which is something I always wanted. I have an older sister and it was always a bit.. well. I love her of course but she was always bossy and it wasn’t always easy when we were kids. Lol! It still isn’t easy. We’re 2 years apart so you can imagine. I’m not saying it was horrid and every situation is different.

Q: Did you have names picked out for a while?
Girls names were super hard for us. We couldn’t agree on any almost. She has a name now but my husband turned down a bunch I like. She will have a short name that kinda matches her brothers name but we’re not doing a first letter theme. The name we’ve chosen is not very common but very Norwegian (just like my sons name). But my husband turned down Matilda which made me sad in the beginning. Haha.

Q: Do you like being pregnant?
My first instinct is to say no. But that’s not 100% true. I could say there are ups and downs about being pregnant and for me it’s always been more downs. I could write a whole post about this but I won’t do that right now. I just don’t want to be seen as ungrateful because I have been very fortunate to get pregnant very easily twice.

Q: Did you get any stretch marks?
I have some stretch marks from my first pregnancy. Mostly on my inner thighs and breasts. I will probably get more this time but I haven’t seen any new yet. I don’t mind them though. It’s just part of it for some women.

Q: How much weight did you gain during this pregnancy?
So far I’ve gained 7,7 kg (17 lbs) and I’m almost into week 26. According to the chart I’ve read I’m in the safe zone for weight gain so far. With my height added in, I’m about 180 cm tall (5ft 11). It’s much better this time around than my first pregnancy. I gained way more last time at this stage. (And the doctor I had for my first pregnancy made me feel really shit about it too by the way which didn’t help my confidence. I’ve changed my doctor since.) So I’m happy about that. I don’t want to gain too much yet I also don’t want to obsess too much over it.

Q: Are you nervous about labor?
Yes and no. Yes because I know what it’s about now so it’s obviously painful and not fun. And no because I hope it will be a different experience to my first birth. My only wish for this birth is that I don’t have to be induced again. I’d like to see how I do on my own.

Q: What will you miss about pregnancy?
The best thing for me about pregnancy is the movements and kicks. And the ultrasounds. So basically anything that has to do with seeing and feeling the baby. I can’t wait to meet her so to be quite honest I won’t miss anything about pregnancy.

Q: What are you most looking forward to after pregnancy?
Meeting my baby. And hopefully successful breastfeeding. But I’m also very excited to be able to sleep on my stomach again. Whenever that might be.

Q: What are you nervous about with motherhood?
I’ve been a mom for two years now. It’ll be almost three years by the time the baby comes so I am quite confident in my skills as mom. Having two kids however is a bit nerve wrecking. I’m also nervous about how my son is going to handle the change. Is he going to be angry and jealous? I have a feeling he might be at first. I just hope it will be easier than I fear. I just need to keep calm. (Suffering from anxiety and fear of the unknown doesn’t help in situations like this. It’s something I want to write a blog post about in the future.)

Q: How are you going to balance work and motherhood?
I’m a stay at home mom which I absolutely love so that won’t be a problem for me.

Q: Will you share a lot about the baby on your blog? (The internet in general.)
I don’t like sharing too many photos of the kids but I’m not opposed to it completely. It just doesn’t feel natural to me. But I will of course share some. I also hope to be more of an active blogger in the future but it just gets so hard to keep up with it when life happens.

Those were all the questions on the list. I’ve had this post in my drafts for probably a week now coming back to it here and there to answer more q’s when I have some time. #Momlife. Have a good rest of your day ❤

♡ 24 Weeks Pregnant ♡

The second trimester. How did I get here this fast? Time literally FLIES by when you have a toddler at home. I’ve probably said that in every update since I got pregnant but how fast everything is going never stops feeling strange for me. I do enjoy it though. The quicker I get to meet this girl the better. Maybe I’m speaking too soon. We don’t have a lot of things ready for her yet. But from experience you don’t need as much as you might think you do. I’m reading/watching a lot of “newborn essentials” blog posts and videos and they’re very useful.

If you have a tip for something that was very useful for you postpartum or for your baby, please leave it in the comments of this blog post

Due date + sex of baby: Baby girl is due on December 7th 2019.

Baby is as big as: According to my Pregnancy+ app this week baby is the size of a papaya.

Cravings: Cravings don’t really occur anymore. Not strong ones like in the beginning anyway. But I have to have veggies and hummus in the fridge at all times. And sriracha.

Annoyances/pain: Morning sickness has returned on some mornings, not daily but some days I wake up very nauseous. Also I’ve been having some back pain. And I feel in general very heavy. But I also feel like I’m handling it well so far. I’m nervous about becoming huge though. I hope little sister might weigh a bit less than her older brother.

Mood: I’ve felt okay and on top of things.

Purchases: I’ll do a separate post in the future when we have everything ready.

Next doctors visit: I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning but I had one yesterday as well. Since I’ve been out of the country for so long I need some extra supervision if you will. I’ve missed out on the ultrasound where they check for the size of her organs etc so I have that tomorrow.

I have the glucose test in 2 weeks and I’m a little nervous. It was such a nightmare last time. I hope it goes better this time around.

🤰🏼 20 Weeks Pregnant – It’s a ..

Hey 👋🏻 I hate blogging from my phone but I don’t have access to my computer right now. It’s at home and I didn’t want to bother bringing it here. My son and I are still at my parents house. We’ve been here since mid June. We love it here. There is so much to do and they have a big yard so my boy is always busy. My son misses his daddy but he comes up to see us in about a week and I’m so excited. He wasn’t initially going to come here this year because of work but he managed to get a week off somehow so we are very happy.

I haven’t posted anything on here in a while. But that happens. A LOT. But I’ve been doing very good. I entered my 20th week yesterday and that means I’m halfway there. Which makes me SO excited. I don’t hate being pregnant but I certainly don’t love it either. For me it’s a lot of ups and downs which I’m sure it is for every woman. Since I’ve been out of the country I haven’t had a check up or ultrasound. My last one was at 13 weeks and 3 days. But since then I’ve had TWO blood tests because my first NIPT test results came back inconclusive. Which was incredibly frustrating. The second one was a success but my doctor was on holiday for two weeks so I had to wait a lot more time than expected. Luckily everything is fine (which I was also told at the 13 week ultrasound) but when you’re in that early stage all you want is answers. So it got a bit frustrating there at the end but we finally got the phone call. I assume she would’ve called sooner if there was a problem but still. I’m glad that’s over. Phew 😅

I won’t get to see my doctor and get an ultrasound until I’m 24 weeks which is when we go back home. I am feeling flutters and kicks now so I am pretty confident the baby is doing well. I don’t get a lot of down time here because we’re always doing something but at night when my toddler is in bed I get to bond with the baby more. Whenever I lay down I feel HER kick and flip around and it’s just the best thing in the world. I am SO excited to meet her and December can’t come quick enough 🎀👼🏻

I T ‘ S A G I R L 💖 I will admit that having a girl made me a little nervous to begin with but I’m pretty much over that now. Baby girl is due December 7th and this Christmas WILL BE SO AMAZING. (And stressful, lacking in sleep but so full of love. Haha!)

Good and Bad News.

I’ll start with the good. So I entered my 11th week yesterday and I really can’t believe how fast this is going this time. Since I have a toddler to run around after I don’t have as much time as the first go around to obsess over the pregnancy. Last time it was so different. I actually prefer it to go as fast as possible this time because I’m getting very excited now. I have so much to look forward to this year. This summer my son and I are gonna spend 2 whole months with my parents. I am so happy about that. We leave as early as mid June, just in time for the summer solstice. It’ll be the first flight we take where he gets his own seat, so that’ll be interesting. And in the fall he starts his daycare/school type thing which is gonna be fun for him. And then December comes around and my due date will be there. It’s gonna be a good year ❤

I have some sad news too.. My parents had to put our family dog down yesterday. It wasn’t a shock but so very sad still. She was 16 years old. Which is CRAZY for a dog. So we were very lucky to have her that long. It’s gonna be very weird to go home this summer and not have here in the garden with us barking at people who walk by ;( But it was her time, sadly. She was barely moving for two days, didn’t eat or react to anything. I cried a lot yesterday but I know it was for her best.

Back to the update. What a rollercoaster post. Heh.

11 weeks pregnant ❤ 

Due date: December 7th 2019

Time left of pregnancy: 28 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A lime or a fig.

Cravings: I’m basically back to my normal eating habits now. Thankfully. I was eating so weird for many weeks there. This week though it’s mostly been cravings for chocolate, nacho cheese flavored Doritos and carrots. Odd combo when it’s written together like that, ew. Haha!

Shattered homemade chocolate with cocoa powder
Movement/pains/aches: This week I thought I felt a little movement one night while lying down. Who knows what it was but there is no way it wasn’t baby related. It felt like a warm swish. I’m not sure how to describe it. I’ve also had a lot of back pain this week. I’m obviously on my feet a lot but that’s unavoidable so I try my best to relax as much as I can.

Purchases: None this week. I don’t think we’re gonna buy anything until after the summer. It just isn’t necessary and we have so much stuff already, a bunch of clothes obviously. Strollers, car seats. There will be purchases though (obviously) and I’ll update it once it happens but for now I’ll remove the “purchases” point of my updates.

Gender of baby: We don’t know.

Mood: This week I’ve been in a good mood. Having the nausea out of my life makes the BIGGEST difference. When it started fading I felt like a new person. I still feel a little dizzy every morning and gag sometimes but it’s noooothing like how it was. It’s totally manageable and last a minimum of 30 minutes, and it’s only right after I stand up out of bed.

Next ultrasound/doctors app.: June 5th. I’m SO excited.


First doctors appointment for Baby #2.

Today I’m 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I’m starting to get really attached to this little human already. I know I’m still in the danger zone of the pregnancy but I’ve noticed no alarming symptoms or signs. I had my first ultrasound on April 30th and it was such a great experience. I decided to switch hospitals for this pregnancy so it was fun to go through that place. I love my new OB, she’s really sweet. The OB I had for my first pregnancy was kinda harsh and judgmental at times which made it a little uncomfortable to go for my appointments. And she was such a rush and weird mood during my birth which was so weird too. Odd lady. Glad to switch.


We got to see the heartbeat and I had to cry a little bit because I was so relieved that it all looked good. I had been nervous beforehand because you just never know. It was great. She also said that I was a little further back in the pregnancy than I thought myself. The baby measured at 8 weeks, one week less than I had calculated. But that’s okay.

Back to the regular update 🙂 (For week 8 + halfway through week 9.)

Due date: December 7th 2019.

Time left of pregnancy: 30 weeks and 4 days.

Cravings: Oh man, the last few weeks I’ve had SO MANY different cravings. What I’ve had to have had at home at all times is: peach flavored ice tea, nuts, cookies, granola with vanilla Greek yoghurt and rice. I could probably eat just rice with some sriracha on it and be happy. It’s been a weird week, hah.


Anything noticeable movements?: No, it’s too early for that. But I am looking forward to it for sure! I wonder if it might be earlier this time. They say when you’re pregnant for the second time things become more noticeable quicker.

Purchases: None. I have started making a list of what we will need in the future though.

Annoyances: I’ve had more back pain this week which sucks. I did my first workout yesterday and today I’m so sore. I hope it’ll get easier because I’d really like to continue working out during my pregnancy.

Gender of baby: Don’t know. But apparently you can find out with a blood at 10-11 weeks. Is that completely reliable? I don’t know. But last time I didn’t find out until our 16 or 18 week ultrasound which now feel like such a long and hard wait.


Mood: I’ve felt like myself again in the last few days and I’m very excited about that.

Next ultrasound/doctors app.: June 5th.

Notes: I’m finally starting to feel better now. Some days I puke in the morning, but the nausea is basically gone now. I can eat vegetables again. Smells are still a little bit triggering sometimes but less and less.

♡ 7 Weeks, 5 Days Pregnant ♡

So.. Pregnancy. First trimester. NOT easy, is it ladies? I’ve been having the worst time. It all turned on me overnight one day. I was doing so well in the first month. Now, I’m puking at least twice every morning plus feeling nauseous pretty much all day. No food is tempting and I’m eating very little. And I am SO tired, I’m seriously ready for bed at 4PM some days.. I don’t feel so bad that I think it’s worth a hospital visit or anything because this is exactly how I was doing in the first trimester of my first pregnancy. I wish my update was more happy but that’s life. Pregnancy isn’t roses and butterflies for every woman. Those who have an easy ride are so lucky and I am a little envious but I’m doing my very best to stay as positive as I can ❤ I am very excited about being pregnant and this phase of it will pass.

I thought I would do my pregnancy updates in the same format as I did for my first pregnancy. If I use the same questions I can compare the two later on. Fun! Here we go.


Due date:
So I haven’t been to a doctor yet (it’s such a long waiting list to get in, but I am going in on April 30th) but from my own calculations it would be December 2nd. We’ll see if she says something else.

Time left of the pregnancy: 32 weeks and 2 days.

Baby is as big as: A raspberry.

This weeks must have: Pringles, diet Coke, cold water, long showers.

Any noticeable movements this week?: No.


Purchases: I did get a little pyjamas with Dumbo on it one day a few weeks ago while out in town. That’s it though. I did that mostly to make myself believe I was pregnant, haha. It felt so unbelievable the first few weeks.

Cravings: Nothing. Literally.. NO food sounds best right now. Damn.

Annoyances: My general state and mood hasn’t been the best. I’ve been so.. just BLAH! Luckily we’ve had my parents over for a whole week (they left today) so I’ve had tons of help with my son. They’ve all loved it and we have had a great time together. I can’t wait to spend the whole summer at their house!

Gender of the baby: No idea. I don’t have a preference either. I’m gonna be so excited for either ❤

Mood: Up and down.

Next ultrasound/doctor visit: April 30th.

Anything else you want to add: I know it might be weird for me to be doing these updates this early on. Who knows what could happen, these are the most crucial weeks after all. But I am very confident this is going to go very well and I’m already attached.

10 Questions & Answers.

The best thing about this week:
Taking more pregnancy tests and them all being positive. Plus calling my family telling them the news. Everyone was so sweet and happy ❤

The worst thing about this week:
This week has been good so the only thing I can think of is the weather. It’s been so shifty and it’s kinda annoying. I get ready to go outside (dress a toddler etc, you know how hard it can be) and when we get outside, five minutes in – rain starts pouring. Without a warning. It was sunny when we left.

I am listening to:
Tritonal – Hard Pass.

I am watching:
My laptop screen. And my husband gaming in the background, hehe.

What did you do today?:

Today was rainy and cold so I hung out at home with my son. Did the usual chores, laundry, cleaning, a workout and bla bla. And made a super nice meal, which my son refused to taste. It was delicious, I swear.

What annoys you today?:
How incredibly bloated I am. I seriously look at least 4 months pregnant and I’m only 5 weeks. It’s very uncomfortable.

I am wearing:
Black leggings, black t-shirt.

I am thinking about:
My pregnancy. I’m having so many feelings about it.

I am eating:
I have been eating so many carrot/cucumber/celery sticks this week, it’s crazy. I’ve been having them with every meal. With hummus as well. I love it so much. I seriously hope I never get any food aversions this pregnancy, I don’t remember if I did last time but I don’t think I did.

What are your plans for tomorrow?:
Tomorrow my MIL comes to pick up my son for a fun day. That means I’m gonna spend the day doing whatever I want and I haven’t decided it yet. But I think a good workout then a bath, movie and ice cream sounds like a good plan. I really love the days she comes and takes him for some hours, he has so much fun with her and since she’s an older lady it’s important that he gets to see her as much as he can.